5 out of 5 Star Review “Kiss The Bear” by Rick Barker

Kiss The Bear! By Rick Barker

Review by Terri Kovalcik

5 out of 5 star review

I was gifted this book to read and let me tell you that it has been a very long time since I picked up a book and didn’t want to put it down until I was finished reading it cover to cover.  This is an account of one man’s journey as he listens to God and the antics that God likes to play. This delightful book entertains, and is thought provoking as it turns to us and asks us to question our relationship with God. Is it good enough? Do you listen to Him? If so, what happens when you do? Are you under construction? Are in transition with your experience with God?

My personal favorite chapters are 3, 4, and 5 as he talks about how God talks to him and it shows us what kind of relationship you can have with God. Another favorite of mine is that it’s not hundreds of pages long making one wanting to read every word that is said and sometimes a re-read because everything means something.

If you’re excited about the Lord, or wanting to get to know what God can do this is a definite must read.


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A Blind Case Study to Open: Two Ways to be Married at the Same Time

It is a very old saying that you can be married to your job but try being married to the job and have a spouse at the same time. Not everyone who is in a relationship are secure in feelings and when one who has been home for their spouse suddenly starts working enter a roller coaster ride.

I can only offer the perspective of the woman who has been the stay at home wife to the working wife and I have found that it doesn’t work out so well unless the two can work together. I have seen women successfully manage work and home life (at least they give the appearance of).

Take on the perspective of being the one who was at home full time which means taking care of household chores whether it be a good job or not so good job, it’s still the job at hand. Another “task” is to “be there” for the spouse by cooking meals and tending to their emotional needs showing love and concern and all of those other things that we do out of love. As the one who stays at home there are often periods of loneliness as the other half is working. It’s like you never see them because they are always working. Enter both parties working and now who does the housework? Who cooks? Who does the laundry? Sometimes the one whose “job” it was still has to do it all and work at the same time. That person is probably awfully tired.

Resentment can build in a relationship due to several factors: lack of productivity in the house as well as working so much that the two barely spend time together due to both parties work schedules. To offer up a solution to ease the tension of resentment flowers are always appreciated with kind words, maybe a card and chocolates always create a smile.  Housework? Well that will always be there so find your favourite job and declare that you’ll do it.

Working and eating are two things that often don’t go together even though they should. Too busy working to eat, too busy cleaning the house, too busy running errands, too busy to figure out what to have to eat. Or my next favourite dilemma is what does he want to have? And of course he doesn’t know. lol. Isn’t that always the way? Well, at least it seems to be.


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Touched With Fire Publications Publishes 5 Computer Illustrated Paperbacks By Yuri Shamne

We are proud to present the following titles into Touched With Fire Publications: The Bear, The Fox and the Wolf Series, Shamne Tales, My First Bike, Old Man Forest, Brave Hedgehogs.

The concept of leaving it with brilliant computer animated illustrations is to allow impromptu learning, or using it in a class room setting writing what is happening in each scene.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Product Details


Don’t forget to encourage your small children to point and talk about all the creations or write a story about each scene.

Tons of fun for everyone! A Visual Delight! Fun Read

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A Blind Case Study to Open; Mustering Conduct

A voice slightly raised with enthusiasm welcomes, “Good morning, how are you doing? It’s great to see you.”

A raspy low tone voice greets methodically, “Yeah, it’s morning. I’m doing alright. What did you do today?”

*********************Can you see the difference?****************************

The difference is the unwritten social rule of expressing warmth and greetings when encountering somebody new or family and friends on everyday occasions. The first voice is happy and the rule is that when you see somebody you create welcoming feelings so that the person that is being greeted feels that “it is okay” to be here at this particular moment in time. The second voice does not promote a genuine “it is okay” it says “Do not trespass, do not bother”.

There are many levels to expressing “it is okay” especially when in the customer service industry. Most people aren’t aware of how important the level of enthusiasm is to selling a product or service. If you do not create an environment that provides warmth, clean sales procedures image your business will end up in “for-closed” because when a customer walks through the door they are the reason why you have employees, products on display and a roof over their head for you to conduct business in. The word everybody is familiar with is “CASH FLOW” if you don’t sell anything you don’t have money. It’s really that simple.

Now say for example the store has “all the right stuff” for providing the “it is okay” and “You are the reason I have a job” but it’s all built on “sticks” of lies along with illusion and deceit. I realize that this is COMMON Place/Practice because this “garbage of lying, not following through, and conducting a business within professional parameters” happens more often than not but this IS NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

*******************Do you know the difference?************************

*Little Known Statistic* Back in 1995 in British Columbia there was a campaign to provide the best customer service in the world and somebody came up with a certification course called Superhost. I took that course along with the Phoenix Seminar (that’s all about goal orientation and being orientated to customer service/sales skills). When you combine the last 20 years I’ve seen and been apart of the customer service industry and my type of Bipolar Disorder you get one very orientated individual that believes that everybody should take the Superhost course because at least we’d all have the same certificate. (lol)


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“Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Know About The Prophecy!”

The age of dawn series the prophecy part one front cover

The age of dawn series the prophecy part one back cover


You’ve seen the cover now join in on Part 2 of the Prophecy. If you haven’t read Part 1 of The Age of Dawn Series; The Prophecy Part 1 please do so by visiting this link http://www.amazon.com/Prophecy-Part-Age-Dawn/dp/1497530563/

To get you into the mood of this mystical fantasy adventure I present Chapter 7 so that you know that when Chapter 12 is complete, this book will be going to market to be available in paperback. So without further adieu I present:

Chapter 7

Malvin opened the flap on the satchel that contained the prophecy. It read: The ports are losing water, come quickly now, all is about to be lost.

Even though they were hundreds of leagues from the Isle of Wright, Malvin felt the water being manipulated by his ungodly adversary.

Many of the men were battle worn, tired, and longing for the warmth of their homes; their wives waiting in fear to see if their soul mates will return. The kindred spirit to true love case a teleporting spell and each man in the brigade magically appeared in their domiciles while the grand wizard transported himself to his laboratory. While he was regrouping the Queen knocked on the door.

She asked, “How’s the quest going?”

Malvin replied, “We found the  egg and the crown.”

The queen asked, “How has the journey been? Did we lose many men>:

The healer replied, “Of course not but I fear Galeshin was a fool!”

She queried, “How so my dear friend?”

Malvin retorted, “He met a young woman near camp and she asked him all kinds  of questions apparently.”

The queen asked, “What kind of questions did she ask?”

Malvin quickly replied, She asked about the prophecy, our men, where we were from, who I ws and I’m not sure what else Galeshin revealed.”

The queen screeched “That was no woman! No woman would ask such questions!”

Malvin gasped, “Are you sure?” If it is then it’s that evil sorcerer I’ve been battling and we are in heaps of trouble! The woman Galeshin met must be a woman gone sour, it’s either that or the most heinous act a wizard can do was done which would create unrest in the land; creature, and people would be unsure, and timid in their loyalties.”

Queen Guinevere asked, “What do thee mean by most heinous?”

Malvin replied, “Changing from a male to female or vice versa is not allowed otherwise the world will fall to evilness with rifts opening up in the stars, and with that I must take leave of thee my queen.”

Guinevere asked, “Where are thee travelling?”

Malvin replied, “I’m off to explore the channel between here and the Isle of Wright.”

The queen expressed, “Be safe.”

The grand wizard lifted his shoulder bags and departed saying, “I shall my queen.”

He left he knights behind and walked to the edge of the city; close to the forest and fields. He gently soothed, “My dearest friend; Melgar. You are my other half these days as I need your help with this upcoming challenge.”

From just behind the tree line Melgar, the white dragon soared in front of the pale full moon then swooped down to the ground landing with a quiet thud. Malvin approached with his arms stretched forward and embraced his companion with tenderness while climbing on. He whispered, “Let’s fly along the cliff walls to Bournemouth.”

The dragon pushed off the earth in Christchurch gently then proceeded to the ocean cliff edge. The dragon glided slowly so Malvin could see what the ocean water in the channel was doing. Malvin directed his friend to the Isle of Wright water line.

There appeared to be some evidence of evil winning; a medium piled line of mounded sand was outlining the island from the end to Barton. At Bournemouth Harbour all the kelp and seaweed engulfed all the docked ships and extended ten feet onto the fish market.

Because Titchfield had a small channel leading into the ocean side into the town Malvin saw dolphins stranded on the land. Some were a hundred feet from shore. Malvin surmised that a magical tsunami pushed them onto shore leaving the people to clean up the mess.

As they flew, the channel, the towns of Barton, Ouden and St. Helen’s were close to being buried in sand. Malvin almost fell off his dragon due to a sonic pulsation emanating from Portsmouth. Veering left, the dragon landed on the outskirts of town. Malvin briskly walked to the habour feeling the sonic pulsation increase with each step. He dove into the water following the shock waves. He peered into the distance and saw what looked like a three foot long red Siamese Fighting Fish hovering and producing the sonic pulses. Malvin felt evil and transformed into a five foot long prism colored Siamese Fighting Fish after chanting a spell. He lunged from the right and knocked it off its’ hovering stance.

It opened its’ mouth showing its mutated piranha like fangs and chased Malvin over and under the obstacles he tried to use. While swimming through the water the wizard uttered, “What is right shall be under the hallows of the moon setting in the desert. Peerless times invoked!”

The other fish turned into a shadowy figure. It sky rocketed to air and Malvin quickly followed. Hovering above the water the good wizard used his wand and zapped the red smog like figure, “Ancient rite by tonight the evil tongue of flame to be no more!”

The creature screeched in pain becoming less smoky and more of its true form; a human. As it was changing it alternated in gender first male then female then male then female and finally stopping as a man.

Malvin bellowed, “Who are thee?”

The male shouted then disappeared into thin air, “I am the Royal Sharchar!”

Malvin shouted, “Who are thee really? What is thy real name?”

The evil entered Malvins’ mind, “I am Dawn, and I shall have my revenge on you and all who oppose me. I shall rule this land!”

Malvin pounded his staff on the ground, “Thee shall not pass!”

******** To be continued in paperback*****************


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A Blind Case Study to Open; Hunting Management

Peering through the binoculars, the hunter could make out that the mule deer was indeed a buck but it wasn’t that tall nor wide. The mule deer did not move his head side to side to show his true value; a three point with large brow tines. Finally the devalued deer bounded from the area after the wind changed course.

Walking further down the road the hunter spotted two mule deer does bedded down in the snow; taking a break from wading in waist high mountain snow. The hunter became excited, turned the safety off, stalked the deer hoping for the legal mule deer which is four points. No buck emerged so the hunter continued on his way through the logging cut blocks.

Six bucks were grouped together 400 yards away but because of the snow and the squeakiness of snow under rubber soles they leapt to their freedom. On their way the hunter could see two large bucks, 2 smaller bucks and one two point and a three point. With the faintest hope the hunter raised his rifle on the largest but it did not present itself with a fatal shot at 400 yards.

On a different road the hunter only saw mule deer does, and more does mixed with tracks going back and forth across the road. Many roads offered no tracks or mule deer standing in the woods. The hunter was becoming frustrated with the hunting regulations set out by the government.

You see the regulations changed because too many big four point or more for several years and it’s now separate sections yet still ineffective. Everybody knows that the best chance for fatality is within 100 yards but no deer are about at that range. Does are seen more often than not but you can’t harvest a mule deer doe instead of a buck. The system isn’t set up that way in in the hunting management.

Maybe it should be….

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A Blind Case Study To Open; Taken By Small Grants

The common theme that you will find if one was to interact with a counselor for mental health growth is that they want you to “label” things that make you happy. It is a cause for emotional growth to escape the placid form that to be happy one needs a spouse or somebody to share it with.

Typically speaking, persons with a type of Bipolar Disorder can never find “happy” and they are normally grumpy. You will see grumpy men and associate that they could have a type of chemical imbalance. Women are grumpy too with their lack of skill set to deal with themselves let alone small children.

Life is a road that is often bumpy, curvy and full of unexpected surprises that could make somebody grumpy or even the lack of happy moments. I know that when I’m in a “not so happy place” I try to find happy everywhere because more often than not, we the people take so many things for granted. Most take running water as “this is the way it’s supposed to be” while another “absorbs” themselves in taking reveling in the use of water pouring from a tap.

Yesterday I got to go hunting and every time we went out we did not see a mule deer doe or buck for that matter. There were quite a few tracks but none to be seen. This can be frustrating but if you can be taken by the small grants that life offers us you might be able to be happy regardless.

These next photos were taken because I was inspired by Veronica Cronin with her book I Am So Bipolar.

IMG_2242 IMG_2244

IMG_2247 IMG_2248

IMG_2249 IMG_2250  IMG_2252 IMG_2253 IMG_2255

IMG_2256 IMG_2258IMG_2257  IMG_2259 IMG_2260 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2265

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A Blind Case Study to Open; The Staples of Living

The staples of living can be a pre-formed opinion that staples can be used in a stapler holding important papers held together or it can be used to express the staple foods persons eat which can include bread, milk, and eggs.

Another staple of living which of course is the most expensive part of “breathing” comes in the form of hydro, natural gas, oil, and or propane. These staples come at a high cost of living. To chose to between eating bread and paying for hydro comes at a cost that not even I agree with due to the regulations posted by the “owners”.

Living in BC there is only one hydro company and the sheer fact of the matter is that we are coming into the holiday season yet again and the hydro bill is going to become ludicrous for low income, actually everybody, to begin to create a budget so that the fear of losing possibly the heat source but the light source. Propane, natural gas and oil are on the same level of idiocy as they prepare bills that shouldn’t be “that high”.

So why is it now that we are finally coming to a section of the calendar where these points are brought about? It comes about as I’m budgeting to pay 250 every month to hydro regardless of the bill. This seems rather senseless to me because the hydro company rakes in the profit hand over fist.

The more we “allow” these companies to dictate to us that they are our staple food source, oppss that’s wrong because the staple food source should be bread, eggs and milk.  Even the grocery stores charge about $4 per loaf of bread has made it that I now make homemade bread so that we can save money to pay the utility bills.

If we the people banded together and used one voice to say, “Stop charging so much because we need to eat as well” maybe the companies would listen. I’m not sure if their employees would protest but the truth of the matter here is that life isn’t easy but it shouldn’t at the cost of substituting sirloin steak for hot dogs just to meet the food group requirement.

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Tidbits of Fun

I found some evidence of my 40 days lost dated October 17th when I was in the Royal Inland Hospital which comes in the form of writing.  I was not alone in my stay, others were with me as we were bored and needing some entertainment in Section I, so I asked for random words then I wrote mini stories for “Mummsy” who thought that these stories were marvelous, so I share with you some “Tidbits of Fun”.

[words: wildlife seasons kingdom nope surf candlestick happiness second royal center adventures thread yarn big timeless winners shocking crying baking historic vision joy extraction feeling fabulous expression]

Big on Looking Fabulous

It was a timeless season. A candlestick vision of joyful adventures. Historic times; baked in kindness as the feeling that winners cried for the yarn of all tales to be told.

The extraction is threaded to the center for shocking expressions that created a surf upon the royal wildlife only for a second peak.

[words heart blue rainbows raindrops circles bubbles airplane elephant horseshoes magic jumping blowing float mesmerized sneezing soaking laughing blossoms essence]

It Sir Real For Sure

No one knows for sure why the rainbows were floating it all seemed magical just like the movie Dumbo. Circles were sneezing, blossoming into horseshoes, some laughed so long they turned into an airplane and are even just plain bubbles and bubbles they were. Some of them were jumping about while a small innocent child blew the bubbles, soaking the heart shaped bubble that created mesmerizing rainbows, elephants, and blue mushrooms. Mr. Banks was quite pleased to see he angelic face on his daughter as they shared the essence of playing on a Sunday. The little “Miss” stated, “Sir we should do this everyday of the week.”

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A Very Merry Family Christmas

A Very Merry Family Christmas. Begin the festive season with Chapter 1 from a special edition dedicated to the fans of Junior Hunters at Large.

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