Tidbits of Fun

I found some evidence of my 40 days lost dated October 17th when I was in the Royal Inland Hospital which comes in the form of writing.  I was not alone in my stay, others were with me as we were bored and needing some entertainment in Section I, so I asked for random words then I wrote mini stories for “Mummsy” who thought that these stories were marvelous, so I share with you some “Tidbits of Fun”.

[words: wildlife seasons kingdom nope surf candlestick happiness second royal center adventures thread yarn big timeless winners shocking crying baking historic vision joy extraction feeling fabulous expression]

Big on Looking Fabulous

It was a timeless season. A candlestick vision of joyful adventures. Historic times; baked in kindness as the feeling that winners cried for the yarn of all tales to be told.

The extraction is threaded to the center for shocking expressions that created a surf upon the royal wildlife only for a second peak.

[words heart blue rainbows raindrops circles bubbles airplane elephant horseshoes magic jumping blowing float mesmerized sneezing soaking laughing blossoms essence]

It Sir Real For Sure

No one knows for sure why the rainbows were floating it all seemed magical just like the movie Dumbo. Circles were sneezing, blossoming into horseshoes, some laughed so long they turned into an airplane and are even just plain bubbles and bubbles they were. Some of them were jumping about while a small innocent child blew the bubbles, soaking the heart shaped bubble that created mesmerizing rainbows, elephants, and blue mushrooms. Mr. Banks was quite pleased to see he angelic face on his daughter as they shared the essence of playing on a Sunday. The little “Miss” stated, “Sir we should do this everyday of the week.”


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