A Blind Case Study to Open; The Staples of Living

The staples of living can be a pre-formed opinion that staples can be used in a stapler holding important papers held together or it can be used to express the staple foods persons eat which can include bread, milk, and eggs.

Another staple of living which of course is the most expensive part of “breathing” comes in the form of hydro, natural gas, oil, and or propane. These staples come at a high cost of living. To chose to between eating bread and paying for hydro comes at a cost that not even I agree with due to the regulations posted by the “owners”.

Living in BC there is only one hydro company and the sheer fact of the matter is that we are coming into the holiday season yet again and the hydro bill is going to become ludicrous for low income, actually everybody, to begin to create a budget so that the fear of losing possibly the heat source but the light source. Propane, natural gas and oil are on the same level of idiocy as they prepare bills that shouldn’t be “that high”.

So why is it now that we are finally coming to a section of the calendar where these points are brought about? It comes about as I’m budgeting to pay 250 every month to hydro regardless of the bill. This seems rather senseless to me because the hydro company rakes in the profit hand over fist.

The more we “allow” these companies to dictate to us that they are our staple food source, oppss that’s wrong because the staple food source should be bread, eggs and milk.  Even the grocery stores charge about $4 per loaf of bread has made it that I now make homemade bread so that we can save money to pay the utility bills.

If we the people banded together and used one voice to say, “Stop charging so much because we need to eat as well” maybe the companies would listen. I’m not sure if their employees would protest but the truth of the matter here is that life isn’t easy but it shouldn’t at the cost of substituting sirloin steak for hot dogs just to meet the food group requirement.


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