“Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Know About The Prophecy!”

The age of dawn series the prophecy part one front cover

The age of dawn series the prophecy part one back cover


You’ve seen the cover now join in on Part 2 of the Prophecy. If you haven’t read Part 1 of The Age of Dawn Series; The Prophecy Part 1 please do so by visiting this link http://www.amazon.com/Prophecy-Part-Age-Dawn/dp/1497530563/

To get you into the mood of this mystical fantasy adventure I present Chapter 7 so that you know that when Chapter 12 is complete, this book will be going to market to be available in paperback. So without further adieu I present:

Chapter 7

Malvin opened the flap on the satchel that contained the prophecy. It read: The ports are losing water, come quickly now, all is about to be lost.

Even though they were hundreds of leagues from the Isle of Wright, Malvin felt the water being manipulated by his ungodly adversary.

Many of the men were battle worn, tired, and longing for the warmth of their homes; their wives waiting in fear to see if their soul mates will return. The kindred spirit to true love case a teleporting spell and each man in the brigade magically appeared in their domiciles while the grand wizard transported himself to his laboratory. While he was regrouping the Queen knocked on the door.

She asked, “How’s the quest going?”

Malvin replied, “We found the  egg and the crown.”

The queen asked, “How has the journey been? Did we lose many men>:

The healer replied, “Of course not but I fear Galeshin was a fool!”

She queried, “How so my dear friend?”

Malvin retorted, “He met a young woman near camp and she asked him all kinds  of questions apparently.”

The queen asked, “What kind of questions did she ask?”

Malvin quickly replied, She asked about the prophecy, our men, where we were from, who I ws and I’m not sure what else Galeshin revealed.”

The queen screeched “That was no woman! No woman would ask such questions!”

Malvin gasped, “Are you sure?” If it is then it’s that evil sorcerer I’ve been battling and we are in heaps of trouble! The woman Galeshin met must be a woman gone sour, it’s either that or the most heinous act a wizard can do was done which would create unrest in the land; creature, and people would be unsure, and timid in their loyalties.”

Queen Guinevere asked, “What do thee mean by most heinous?”

Malvin replied, “Changing from a male to female or vice versa is not allowed otherwise the world will fall to evilness with rifts opening up in the stars, and with that I must take leave of thee my queen.”

Guinevere asked, “Where are thee travelling?”

Malvin replied, “I’m off to explore the channel between here and the Isle of Wright.”

The queen expressed, “Be safe.”

The grand wizard lifted his shoulder bags and departed saying, “I shall my queen.”

He left he knights behind and walked to the edge of the city; close to the forest and fields. He gently soothed, “My dearest friend; Melgar. You are my other half these days as I need your help with this upcoming challenge.”

From just behind the tree line Melgar, the white dragon soared in front of the pale full moon then swooped down to the ground landing with a quiet thud. Malvin approached with his arms stretched forward and embraced his companion with tenderness while climbing on. He whispered, “Let’s fly along the cliff walls to Bournemouth.”

The dragon pushed off the earth in Christchurch gently then proceeded to the ocean cliff edge. The dragon glided slowly so Malvin could see what the ocean water in the channel was doing. Malvin directed his friend to the Isle of Wright water line.

There appeared to be some evidence of evil winning; a medium piled line of mounded sand was outlining the island from the end to Barton. At Bournemouth Harbour all the kelp and seaweed engulfed all the docked ships and extended ten feet onto the fish market.

Because Titchfield had a small channel leading into the ocean side into the town Malvin saw dolphins stranded on the land. Some were a hundred feet from shore. Malvin surmised that a magical tsunami pushed them onto shore leaving the people to clean up the mess.

As they flew, the channel, the towns of Barton, Ouden and St. Helen’s were close to being buried in sand. Malvin almost fell off his dragon due to a sonic pulsation emanating from Portsmouth. Veering left, the dragon landed on the outskirts of town. Malvin briskly walked to the habour feeling the sonic pulsation increase with each step. He dove into the water following the shock waves. He peered into the distance and saw what looked like a three foot long red Siamese Fighting Fish hovering and producing the sonic pulses. Malvin felt evil and transformed into a five foot long prism colored Siamese Fighting Fish after chanting a spell. He lunged from the right and knocked it off its’ hovering stance.

It opened its’ mouth showing its mutated piranha like fangs and chased Malvin over and under the obstacles he tried to use. While swimming through the water the wizard uttered, “What is right shall be under the hallows of the moon setting in the desert. Peerless times invoked!”

The other fish turned into a shadowy figure. It sky rocketed to air and Malvin quickly followed. Hovering above the water the good wizard used his wand and zapped the red smog like figure, “Ancient rite by tonight the evil tongue of flame to be no more!”

The creature screeched in pain becoming less smoky and more of its true form; a human. As it was changing it alternated in gender first male then female then male then female and finally stopping as a man.

Malvin bellowed, “Who are thee?”

The male shouted then disappeared into thin air, “I am the Royal Sharchar!”

Malvin shouted, “Who are thee really? What is thy real name?”

The evil entered Malvins’ mind, “I am Dawn, and I shall have my revenge on you and all who oppose me. I shall rule this land!”

Malvin pounded his staff on the ground, “Thee shall not pass!”

******** To be continued in paperback*****************



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