A Blind Case Study to Open; Mustering Conduct

A voice slightly raised with enthusiasm welcomes, “Good morning, how are you doing? It’s great to see you.”

A raspy low tone voice greets methodically, “Yeah, it’s morning. I’m doing alright. What did you do today?”

*********************Can you see the difference?****************************

The difference is the unwritten social rule of expressing warmth and greetings when encountering somebody new or family and friends on everyday occasions. The first voice is happy and the rule is that when you see somebody you create welcoming feelings so that the person that is being greeted feels that “it is okay” to be here at this particular moment in time. The second voice does not promote a genuine “it is okay” it says “Do not trespass, do not bother”.

There are many levels to expressing “it is okay” especially when in the customer service industry. Most people aren’t aware of how important the level of enthusiasm is to selling a product or service. If you do not create an environment that provides warmth, clean sales procedures image your business will end up in “for-closed” because when a customer walks through the door they are the reason why you have employees, products on display and a roof over their head for you to conduct business in. The word everybody is familiar with is “CASH FLOW” if you don’t sell anything you don’t have money. It’s really that simple.

Now say for example the store has “all the right stuff” for providing the “it is okay” and “You are the reason I have a job” but it’s all built on “sticks” of lies along with illusion and deceit. I realize that this is COMMON Place/Practice because this “garbage of lying, not following through, and conducting a business within professional parameters” happens more often than not but this IS NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

*******************Do you know the difference?************************

*Little Known Statistic* Back in 1995 in British Columbia there was a campaign to provide the best customer service in the world and somebody came up with a certification course called Superhost. I took that course along with the Phoenix Seminar (that’s all about goal orientation and being orientated to customer service/sales skills). When you combine the last 20 years I’ve seen and been apart of the customer service industry and my type of Bipolar Disorder you get one very orientated individual that believes that everybody should take the Superhost course because at least we’d all have the same certificate. (lol)



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