A Blind Case Study to Open: Two Ways to be Married at the Same Time

It is a very old saying that you can be married to your job but try being married to the job and have a spouse at the same time. Not everyone who is in a relationship are secure in feelings and when one who has been home for their spouse suddenly starts working enter a roller coaster ride.

I can only offer the perspective of the woman who has been the stay at home wife to the working wife and I have found that it doesn’t work out so well unless the two can work together. I have seen women successfully manage work and home life (at least they give the appearance of).

Take on the perspective of being the one who was at home full time which means taking care of household chores whether it be a good job or not so good job, it’s still the job at hand. Another “task” is to “be there” for the spouse by cooking meals and tending to their emotional needs showing love and concern and all of those other things that we do out of love. As the one who stays at home there are often periods of loneliness as the other half is working. It’s like you never see them because they are always working. Enter both parties working and now who does the housework? Who cooks? Who does the laundry? Sometimes the one whose “job” it was still has to do it all and work at the same time. That person is probably awfully tired.

Resentment can build in a relationship due to several factors: lack of productivity in the house as well as working so much that the two barely spend time together due to both parties work schedules. To offer up a solution to ease the tension of resentment flowers are always appreciated with kind words, maybe a card and chocolates always create a smile.  Housework? Well that will always be there so find your favourite job and declare that you’ll do it.

Working and eating are two things that often don’t go together even though they should. Too busy working to eat, too busy cleaning the house, too busy running errands, too busy to figure out what to have to eat. Or my next favourite dilemma is what does he want to have? And of course he doesn’t know. lol. Isn’t that always the way? Well, at least it seems to be.



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