People I Believe In

Do you see this illustration? Isn’t the artist amazing? I think so. Let no countrys’ border supress your ability to hire great artists such as Yuri Shamne. He has a journal/blog that is in Russian and is translate-able. I highly recommend subscribing and if you’re looking for this type of genre style contact him, don’t forget to tell him I, Terri Kovlacik (formerly Callsen) sent you.

His link address is


Somebody that  I admire for her ability to write vast amounts of books in short periods of time is Lilibeth Muscato. Now let’s all be honest, there are tons of self published authors out there who write books, have a beginners’ skill level without an editor or even editorial skills. Those people make other self published authors out there who have exemplary authoring skills along with the other creative abilities that go along with the publishing world look bad.

As individuals who have a writing ability we often find ourselves with feelings of subjugation and we feel alone tormented by things that happen around us in the present as well as the past.

 I popped over to her Amazon Author Page and this is her biography:

“My life has always been different from others. The town I grew up in, is practically what the internet is today. People only shared with you, what they wanted you to know. There were lots of things kept in the dark. Everyone teased me by saying that I lived in fantasy. I smiled and walked away, knowing they would never understand. There’s fantasy in everyday life. You have to be willing to accept the unknown.

To write about the unknown, to write about mystical creatures, to write about something that can’t happen, I was never good at. My best form of writing is to write what I know. To write off real experiences. I write off what’s actually happened – and off dreams.

For the most part I’m a person who keeps to myself. I have a small close group of friends that have and are always there for me. New friends that enter, never stay long. Relationships don’t last, because they don’t see what I see. What dreams I had when I was younger, have changed. There’s nothing wrong with that. We change our dreams with what we know we can do. We reach the impossible and make it possible.”

Starting out in a new area, Brianna and her son, Joshua, know it’s not going to be permanent. They keep to themselves, while doing what needs to be done to get back on their feet. Work is slow while the time is not, she doesn’t give up. She’s made great friends and Joshua is doing great. His therapy has decreased to where he almost doesn’t have to go. He’s enjoying their new surroundings. The last thing she wants to do is disrupt his happiness.

The last thing she’s looking for is love. Plain and simple; she doesn’t want it. Her best-friend has other ideas and plays matchmaker. Over the course of several dates she learns it’s her and she’s too picky. She refuses to change. She doesn’t want to end up like all the times before. Her main priority is her son. The room she’s renting, their son develops a crush on her. When she politely rejects him, he goes back to his wife. Putting all of that aside, she attends to what needs to be done. Working harder and longer hours on getting back on her feet, she’s determined.

A year later and no better off, the pressure has been put on. Facing a choice, she knows what she has to do. After all, she knew this was only temporary. Will she keep the promise she made to herself, or will she follow her heart?





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  1. Leroy says:

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    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!


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